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Mongolian Sliced Chicken 蒙古雞片 Crab Meat W/Fish Maw Soup

Steamed Black Cod 鳕鱼
Beef Brisket w/Turnip 蘿卜牛腩  Fish Fillet W/ Ginger and Green Onion
蔥 爆 魚片

Snow Pea Leaves W/ Garlic蒜茸豆苗
Hot and sour soup酸辣湯
Steamed Lobster W/ Garlic蒜蓉蝦龍
Sweet and Sour Pork甜酸肉 Assorted Seafood Wor Wonton Soup鍋雲吞湯

Clams with Black Bean Sauce
豉 椒 炒 蜆
Peking Duck 北京烤鴨

West lake Beef Soup西 湖牛肉羹
Steamed Crab Cantonese Style
Shrimp w/Lobster Sauce(Right) 鮮蝦龍糊
Minced Beef w/Lettuce(left)生財

Almond Jello杏仁豆腐 

Steamed Tilapia清蒸立魚
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