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Beef Chow Fun(Dry)干 炒 牛 河 Steamed Plain Chicken w/ Minced Onion
Ginger  Sauce
Vegetarian Dishes:

Vegetarian Dishes:
Ong Choy W/ Garlic (kang kong)蒜茸通心菜
Garlic Spinach 蒜 茸 菠 菜
Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce 蠔 油 芥 蘭 Hot and sour soup酸辣湯
Eggplant w/Hot Garlic Sauce 魚 香 茄 子

Sauteed Chinese Green清炒菜芯

Pan Fried String Beans(Order w/ no Meat)

Bean Curd with Brown Sauce 紅燒豆腐
Snow Pea Leaves W/ Garlic蒜茸豆苗
Almond Jello杏仁豆腐
Vegetable Fried Rice素炒飯
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